Snowbound in East Dorset, VT

The night of December 16th, we kept looking out our window to see if it was beginning to snow. It was forecasted to snow 12″ that night. Around 11pm it finally did begin to snow, but it was just a flurry of fine little flakes. We figured it wasn’t going to amount to much and went to bed. What a suprise when we woke up at 7am and looked outside – three feet of light, fluffy snow had silently fallen!

Our car buried under snow. Dec 17, 2020.

Later that afternoon when it had finally stopped, I took my camera and waded down our long driveway to the main road. The snow was up to my waste so it proved quite the struggle. Luckily the main road was plowed. I walked down into East Dorset village. Plow trucks were busy everywhere and people were shoveling their driveways and clearing off their cars. Everyone I talked to said they had never seen so much snow fall in just one night. Come to think of it, I couldn’t remember a storm like that, either. And I grew up in New England!

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